Rocky Mountain Pro Charged ep. 267

Picture of Art


For three straight weeks The Wake have asserted their dominance on the RMP roster with the absence of Titus. Nobody has been able to stop them interfering in matches and laying out anyone in their way. Will anyone be able to stop them from their continued dominance?

            The opening contest pitted Mercury Yaden against Johnny Casanova. Tag Dudes and JK Pop have had a heated rivalry the past few weeks. Yaden looked to do what his partner Cole did a week ago and score a victory. This was not a traditional wrestling match. Yaden tried to make his way into the ring, but Casanova was like a hawk and kicked him to the outside repeatedly. Mercury spent more time on the outside than he did in the ring for this match. Casanova continued to break the count and jump his opponent on the outside. The audience at “The Summit” was on their feet for Yaden to make his way into the ring. Casanova went for a dive, but it was a European uppercut that sent Johnny stumbling and Yaden launched himself into the ring. The crowd was on their feet as Mercury Yaden brutalized Casanova in the middle of the ring. However, Kaiden Koyama sneakily came to the ring and threw powder in the face of Yaden for Casanova to get the dirty win. Curtis Cole made his way to the ring to check on his partner as JK Pop laughed their way to the back.

            In the back, we heard from Damon Ace and Bruce Wayans ahead of their title match later that night. Wayans reminded fans that he lost the title to Damon Ace only because of outside interference. Ace vowed that with or without The Wake he is the most dangerous wrestler in all Rocky Mountain Pro.

            The next contest saw Broomax take on Monster 9 with Mister Happy in his corner. The 3 Ring Circus has become a crowd favorite since ending their relationship with Bud Bellflower at “Shocktober”. On the other hand, Broomak was having issues with Legion after Ronin forced him into a handicap match two weeks ago. Two of the biggest men on the roster battled it out early, but neither could knock the other off their feet. Broomak had nobody from Legion in his corner which proved to be the deciding factor. Monster 9 hit his flying punch to secure the victory. Broomak’s frustration continues after losing two straight matches and still no sign of Ronin.

            The main event of the evening saw Bruce Wayans take on Damon Ace for the Charged Championship. Ace made his way out with every member of The Wake, but referee Josh Spicer tossed out The Wake to make this a more even match. This decision threw off Ace Early as Wayans took advantage of the ref’s decision. “The Final Boss” tried to set up Ace for his batarang all match, but the champion kept fighting out of it. A blue thunder bomb from Ace scored a two count, and Wayans would not quit. Wayans went for the batarang, but it was Dustin Uhrich who interfered and hit the dud while the ref’s back was turned. This allowed Ace to gain the win and keep his title. After the match, all members of The Wake posed with their titles and then told the crowd how dominant they continue to be. Suddenly, “The Evil Genius” Titus Machiavelli made his return to Rocky Mountain Pro to a standing ovation. Titus hinted that he has “buddies” in the back as almost all the RMP roster made their way to the ring and attacked The Wake. With all members of The Wake retreating Titus stated that he gained executive presidential powers for RMP. Titus stated that this would be the end of The Wake as the show went off the air.