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Al Snow Wrestling Academy Rocky Mountain

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Begin your Professional Wrestling Career

At the AI Snow Wrestling Academy Rocky Mountain, you’ll learn Professional Wrestling the correct way. Training is conducted by professionals who have experience and knowledge to instruct you on how to excel in all aspects of Professional Wrestling.

At ASWA Rocky Mountain, beginners learn vital steps to becoming a professional such as:

  • Safe execution of basic maneuvers
  • Pro Wrestling psychology
  • Character development
  • Performing for live audiences on camera and for television
  • Promotional skills

Already have prior training?

Those with prior Professional Wrestling experience can achieve even more success through AWSA, as we will help correct any bad habits formed, fine tune in ring performance, continue to improve your character and promotional ability, plus provide opportunities weekly and over 80 times per year to work in front of live audiences.

Al Snow Wrestling Academy Rocky Mountain also offers training in aspects outside the ring. Learn to be a referee, commentator, ring announcer, camera operator, manager/valet and more!

ASWA Rocky Mountain has innovated Pro Wrestling training in the region, allowing you to track your progress with an integrated colored shirt ranking system.

Previous training seminars have included Al Snow, Brutal Bob Evans & Tough Tim Hughes, Nick Aldis & Mickie James, Kevin Kelly, Chris Hero, Robbie E, Crimson, Jay Bradley, Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore, Chris Silvio, Malia Hosaka, Marty the Moth Casaus, Stevie Richards, among many others.

Tuition Options

One Introduction / Tryout Session

  • Introduction/Tryout Session $250

    Athletic assessment, Rope Running, Basic Movement, Rolls, Bumps

Payment Plans for 12 Month Beginner Training

(ALL Include In-Ring/referee/character training AND 12 Month Strength & Conditioning)

*Upon completion of Rookie Training, continuing education rate is $250 per month or $1200 per 6 months if paid in full.

Uniform Fee

  • Uniform Fee $30

    $30 for 2 shirts; Replacement shirts can be purchased at $20 per shirt. Upon promotion, students will purchase 2 shirts for the promoted rank at the same rate each time promoted.

  • Plan A $6000 one-time

    covers 12 Months

  • Plan B $2500 due at start

    Covers first 3 months then $450 Per Month for Remaining 9 Months ($6550 total)

  • Plan C $920 per month

    for first 3 months then $500 per month for remaining 9 months ($7260 total)

Training Schedule

Monday thru Thursday – 5pm to 8pm

Beginners/Basics (first 3 months) – 5pm to 7pm

Experienced/Advanced – 6pm to 8pm