Rocky Mountain Pro CHARGED ep. 266

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Rocky Mountain Pro returned to action in their new home “The Summit” on Saturday night. Coming off the success of “Shocktober”, Rocky Mountain Pro was back with an incredible card that included some of the biggest stars in Colorado. The biggest news from this show, however, is that Rocky Mountain Pro has now found a home at The Summit. This is the biggest opportunity in the company’s history. A new era that will revolutionize Colorado pro wrestling. 

The commentary team welcomed the return of Danger Dean to RMP. The three-man team called the first match of the night between Atiba and new NRW champion Orin Veidt. Two crowd favorites that got the action going early. The “Deathmatch King” Orin Veidt showed he is more than a hardcore wrestler as he displayed great technical prowess on Atiba. The “Rocky Mountain Dragon” dazzled the audience with his quick feet and had the champion confused. Veidt got irritated but not to the point of cheating in the match. Just as the match was picking up “The Wake” stalked the ring and interrupted, resulting in a no contest. The crowd booed as Damon Ace, Rj Keranen, and JK Pop laid waste to the opposition and stood tall with their belts in hand. “The Wake” continues their dominance throughout RMP. 

We heard from Reygan Grimez who talked about her big win with Gangrel at “Shocktober”. Despite the victory there is still unfinished business she has with the “Bone Collector” Lilith Grimm. The issues between these two are far from over. 

Coming off his shocking debut at “Shocktober” Remy Dee came out to the crowd and introduced his newest team Corrente and Rachelle Riveter. Rachelle made her way to the ring and tried to teach the crowd about respect. They showed her what they thought of her by lashing out at her and getting under her skin. “The Triumphant One” Severino Corrente made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Corrente proclaimed this was the return of “The Triumphant” made it known that they were back in RMP. 

Nick Lash made his debut in Rocky Mountain Pro as he took on Severino Corrente in the next matchup. Just a year into the business Lash displayed amazing agility and athleticism against the veteran Corrente. Nick Lash took Corrente out of his game early by knocking him off his feet with a great whipping neck breaker. The newcomer showed no fear and kept taking it to Corrente but a forearm to the face nearly knocked Lash out cold. Despite showing heart Corrente was too much as he hit greetings from the north to secure the clean win.  

Backstage Jumbo Zamora and David Drake discussed what their future held together. Jumbo has been battling with JK Pop and The Wake and does not want that to hinder the future for Drake moving forward. Drake will be going on his own and working singles matches. 

All members of The Wake came out and gloated about their success at “Shocktober”. Dustin Uhrich bragged about how all members currently hold all the gold in RMP. “The Vulture” proclaimed that they will continue to be the most dominant team in RMP until they were interrupted by “The Tag Dudes”. Yaden and Cole stated that the championship committee granted a match between them against Damon Ace and Dustin Uhrich. The crowd erupted as the main event was underway. The Tag Dudes gained the advantage early as they were able to keep Uhrich away from Ace. Yaden and Cole got “The Summit” buzzing as they displayed excellent technical maneuvers on their opponents. You could sense that the end may be near, but it was not to be. Cole was left alone in the ring with Ace and Uhrich who picked him apart. Uhrich lifted Cole on his shoulders and hit the dud for the three. The Wake was victorious yet again and continued their dominance across all Rocky Mountain Pro. With no timetable set for Titus Machiavelli’s return RMP will continue to feel the wrath of The Wake.